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'War Horse'

Damian O'Connor completed this work at the end of 2017 after a year planning and construction. 'War Horse' is a sculpture over 10' tall and about 10' long and weighs just under a ton. Greater than life size, especially to emphasise strength, character and the wonder of heavy horses' might and grace.

The work is a tribute to all heavy horses, in particular more than a million that silently gave their all in WW1. Their plight and devotion having been celebrated on the West End stage, films and novels.
Through the world of entertainment, working horses in history have been bought to the public arena and received with respect, admiration and deep affection.
At war, in transport, in sport and agriculture, horses have been used, worked, admired and loved by man.
Horses enjoy a special and unique partnership with us in our National heritage.

In constructing this gloriously monumental tribute to all horses, the Norfolk artist Damian O'Connor, has used local materials, wood, Norfolk reed and steel in the making of 'War Horse'. This majestic and imposing sculpture is, for the first time, internationally offered for sale.

Trailer mounted, 'War Horse' is now available to take up residence in his first permanent home with pastures new.

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